Survey from Emerging Insider and eZanga gauges the sentiment of those directly affected by ad fraud.

Ad Fraud Survey Reveals Issue’s Weight

Ad fraud is a huge, industry-wide issue, and has been covered at length with extensive surveys, analysis and interviews with those in advertising. However, a recent survey conducted by Emerging Insider in partnership with its client eZanga, a digital marketing company, is the first to gauge the sentiment of those directly affected by it.

The numbers are telling: Only 10 percent said ad fraud is an issue they aren’t concerned about, meaning it’s on the mind of 9 out of 10 industry professionals. A recent piece in AdWeek breaks down exactly how those in the industry feel about perhaps the biggest issue of 2015 — and possibly even 2016. For an in-depth look at the results, head over to AdWeek.

To See The Full AdWeek Story, click here.

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