“B2B PR: Separating the Hype from the Hope”

Valorizing the hype in B2B PR is a problem.  But no need to worry, Beth Principi, Staff Writer at Emerging Insider Communications, is here to rescue you from B2B PR blunders.  Within her article, Beth discusses three equally important facets of B2B PR.  First, she encourages companies to remember who they are and who their clients are. Once it’s clear that they are, in fact, a B2B company, it’s further recommended that they target niche oriented publications, even though the route is usually devoid of glamor.  Secondly, Beth urges companies to remember who the media is.  Targeted magazines are essential for B2B PR, mainly because B2B’s mission is to communicate the effectiveness and overall competency of the team who will be running the behind-the-scenes action.  Finally, the last recommendation is for B2B’s to understand that media placement goes beyond simple “media placement,” meaning that, businesses must first develop an identifiable story in order to gain traction within the business world.  Media placements require hard work and are not simply a product of happenstance. Beth’s article is important because it sends the message that results, not hype, are what truly matter in PR.

To check out the full article visit http://www.mediabistro.com/prnewser/tag/emerging-insider-communications at PRNewser.

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