Insights: PR Investment vs Ad Spend

Are you making the right investments?

It is not an easy task to figure out what is and what isn’t a sound investment in your daily life, yet alone when crafting a marketing campaign.

The below chart has been compiled by industry experts to help bring you some clarity on what to add to your marketing mix this year.




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EI CEO Speculates On Ad Blocking’s Industry Impact

In the future, 2015 may be known in the advertising industry as the Year of Ad Blocking. The technology has been around for years, but Apple’s move to blockers on mobile devices has caused it to erupt in popularity and notoriety, with paid blocker apps ranking in the Apple Store’s top spots just a day after they were made available. The apps’ popularity means that if advertisers were previously turning a blind eye to ad blockers, they have no choice but to address the situation now.

In a recent piece for Bulldog Reporter, Emerging Insider Communications CEO Zachary Weiner reflects on three ways ad blockers will affect PR professionals. Instead of panicking and wringing your hands about ad blocking’s ability to upturn the entire industry, head over to Bulldog Reporter to read what you can expect in coming years.

Worried About Ad Blocking? Take a Deep Breath.

Less than two weeks after Apple enabled ad-blocking apps, many in the advertising industry are scratching their heads about their future and the ability to reach its desired audiences. And in an industry that’s expected to reach $100 billion in 2016, any bit of uncertainty can cause utter chaos.

But in a recent Tech Cocktail piece, Emerging Insider CEO Zachary Weiner says advertisers should stop and assess the situation before descending into panic and dread. While blocking apps will certainly affect the mobile advertising industry, they will also give rise to other forms of content, such as branded journalism and entertainment. One need not look farther than The New York Times’ own sponsored content platform, T Brand Studio, which is performing nearly as well as its own news articles.

So if you’re feeling panicked about the rise of ad blocking, sit back, take a deep breath and head over to Tech Cocktail to read his full thoughts.