High Efforts Garner High Results for Cannabis Startup PR

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Marketing is a challenge for any business, but in an emerging sector that difficulty is amplified tenfold. Those in the legal Cannabis industry know these challenges all too well, as these businesses have a tough road to navigate in terms of regulations and advertising rules. These uncharted territories put off most agencies, leaving only the most pioneering firms to represent the deluge of cannabis startups.


Look no further than the results of cannabis SaaS company düber Technologies Inc. for how to successfully navigate these waters. The top-notch executives of düber, along with team Emerging Insider’s media mastery, combined for a potent lesson in high-level exposure in a tough to navigate industry.


Ask yourself…if your Cannabis PR rep isn’t getting you into NBC, CBS, and Entrepreneur, it may be time to start looking around. We may know of a great agency.

Click here to download the case study: EI and düber Technologies Inc. Case Study

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