In the Age of Content Overload Simplicity Stands Out

The notorious adage “Keep It Simple and Sweet” or “KISS” is explained in relation to marketing campaigns within Charles Grieser’s article, “In the Age of Content Overload Simplicity Stands Out”. Charles, Creative Director at Emerging Insider Communications, champions simplicity when marketing to America’s endemic short attention span.  Charles offers minimalism and relevancy as cures for today’s overpopulated and oversaturated data market.

In order to strike an emotional chord with consumers, businesses should focus on crafting a simplistic design of the product or service being marketed.  Similarly, on the content side of a campaign, relevancy is imperative for the success of the product or service.  It is important for businesses to realize that these two strategies must be applied in tandem in order to create a successful marketing campaign. In Charles words, “The ultimate goal in all of this is to pull simple content and design together into one package. There is no way to separate a good design from attention-grabbing written content — they go hand-in-hand. If one doesn’t work, the package as a whole fails to deliver.”

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