Summer’s Sass: Show Off Your Instagramming Skills

Instagram is something I don’t take lightly. It is by far my favorite past time, favorite stress reliever, favorite way to see what my friends are up too and my favorite way to promote a company/brand!


Instagram is wonderful.


When I am scrolling through my timeline or through the search of “things I might like” I look for two things. I look for visually appealing “instas” and appalling but intriguing ones as well.

My favorite accounts are food accounts. All of the yummy cakes, BBQ’s, shakes, brownies and don’t even get me started on the cheese wheel they mix pasta on… Like holy cannoli are they trying to put me into a food coma?


But I am here to tell you why using Instagram daily is oh so beneficial to your brand. So they say that Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users… That is so many stinking people that you could be getting brand views from. Instagram has scale.

There are certain times of the day that you can post on Instagram to obtain more followers and or “likes”. Now I am only going to say this once… If you post something on Instagram any time before 6am and or after 1am nobody is going to like your stuff until they wake up from nite nite land. It is said that right before dinner time around 5pm is a prime time for Instagramming and midafternoon when everyone is at lunch – people are checking their social accounts.

It is important not to just spitfire nonsense into the Insta-sphere especially boring things…you have to keep it light, interesting and airy.

The best Instagrams are the ones that irk people, pull on their heartstrings, or make them laugh and smile. So make sure your post is doing one of those things and it will get some good share.



Sincerely Yours,




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