Our Blockchain PR Specialist on Staying Ahead of the Latest Scams


While cryptocurrencies make it incredibly easy to transfer funds to anyone in the world in an instant, this same ease makes it a prime target for hackers. This is why cyber-security is more important than ever if you’re wading into the wild west of cryptocurrency.


Lucas PenzeyMoog, our resident cryptocurrency authority and blockchain PR specialist, recently penned an article for cryptocoin.news on the rise of homograph spoofing attacks on the web. This is a subtle technique hackers use to trick you into visiting a copycat website by substituting visually-identical characters in the URL.
Click here to read the article and find out how to protect yourself from these pernicious attacks. You work hard to manage your crypto portfolio – make sure you take the right steps to protect your assets.  


Wild Tales From A Chicago ICO Marketing Agency

Special Announcement:

As the ICO space continues to heat up and garner attention we wanted to announce a new section of our blog that will highlight some of the more strange, interesting, exciting and nefarious tales as we see them rolling in.

Emerging Insider has always had a dual practice area in investor relations and tech PR and so we’ve been long playing in the blockchain space and long educating about initial coin offerings. From pump and dumps to shady operators, millions made in minutes to wallet theft, we hope you’ll be as excited to read some of these stories as we are to write them.

As a Chicago ICO marketing agency, (one of our many diverse practice areas) we tend to be front and center for what we believe should be viewed as the wild west of tech. Giddy-up.