Future of Legal Cannabis Event Recap


Last Wednesday the team at Emerging Insider held the first in a series of events on the Future of the Legal Cannabis Industry. As a cannabis PR agency, we’re on the front lines working with startups and companies in the booming cannabis trade. As the sector flourishes even under an uncertain regulatory landscape, we brought together industry insiders and experts to discuss current challenges and the exciting growth to come.


Sharing their insight with the crowd was Alex Valassori (Co-founder and Chief Compliance Officer at Complia), Kirsten Velasco (Medical Cannabis Program Public Speaker at The Medical Cannabis Community), Kurt Akers (Co-founder and CEO of Kannatopia) and Dave Robin (Agent in Charge MOCA Modern Cannabis).


The resulting discussion was lively and varied, from regulatory challenges and innovation to the plight of medicinal patients to the opening up of the California and Canadian markets. While the panelists acknowledged the current challenges facing the legal cannabis trade, ultimately the tone was one of hope for the future. The panelists varied in their responses, but most agreed that there would be significant pro-cannabis legislation on the books in the U.S. (at least in regards to medical cannabis) in the next 12-36 months. This would then lay the groundwork for further legalization, and a recognition of the plant’s medical uses as well as a rough equivalence to other adult-use products such as alcohol or tobacco.


For industry updates, discussion, networking and more, make sure to stay tuned for the date of our next Future of Legal Cannabis event.