Breaking Down the Chicago Blockchain Scene


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In the last couple of years, Chicago has shown itself to be a central hub for blockchain developers from around the world. The city’s rich history of innovation and financial leadership, as well as it’s educated, diverse and massive workforce combine to create powerful results. From startups on the front lines of blockchain tech to established brands looking to the future of innovation, Chicago is the place to be when it comes to anything blockchain.

Here are some reasons why Chicago is quickly becoming a world-class blockchain hub:

Range of Blockchain Organizations:

Chicago is home to numerous blockchain companies that focus on both the development of blockchain applications as well as decentralized applications (dAPPs). Organizations like the Chicago Blockchain Center focus on bringing the blockchain community together in order to connect, collaborate and educate one another. Other leading companies, such as Bloq, have blockchain research and testing centers called Bloqlabs that work with and foster innovation between global businesses and the open source community.

Networking Opportunities:

Not only does Chicago provide developers with the right tools and education on Blockchain but the city also brings an abundance of networking opportunities. Annually, Chicago holds an blockchain conference that has both blockchain CEOs and keynote speakers  giving advice and tips on owning a blockchain company. Other Companies such as Chicago Blockchain Project pride themselves on centralizing resources and regularly host their own events as well as supporting other organizations throughout the city.

Their events include subject focused workshops, developer hacking nights and community outreach gatherings. They send out a weekly newsletter that includes event updates, a community blog, and Chicago-based project information. There is also a large array of blockchain gatherings that are posted daily on the Meetup website.

Interested in getting involved in the Chicago blockchain scene? Below are just some of the meetups happening in the Chicagoland area.

April 12th – Intro to bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptoassets: Three short presentations with Q&A to get you up to speed on why the world is going crazy about blockchain right now.

April 18th – Smart Contracts Seminar: Smart Contracts focused seminar followed by a happy hour nearby.

April 21st: Build a Blockchain with four Raspberry Pi & Ethereum: Bill Slater will show us how to build a private blockchain using four Raspberry Pi. This will be followed by a hands-on demonstration of using four Raspberry Pi computers with Ethereum to build a small, but working Blockchain network.

April 23rd: Meet & Greet & Learn w/ AION & ENIGMA: Join us for an intimate evening with presentations from two exciting projects in the next generation of blockchain development.

April 26th: Ethereum Sharding & the Challenges of Scaling Blockchains, with Raul Jordan: Raul Jordan is currently leading a team as part of Prysmatic Labs ( which is a non profit implementing the first phase of the ethereum sharding protocol inside of the go ethereum client. He will be doing a deep dive on this exciting next phase of ethereum’s mission of powering the next generation of internet tech.