The Rise of Coworking: What it Means for Chicago


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Coworking spaces have exploded across major cities, providing the perfect combination of professional, personal and community-inspired environments for all levels of working individuals. As the antithesis of corporate offices, coworking spaces offer a unique atmosphere that is ideal for startups, freelancers, companies and other niche audiences seeking a transparent yet private place to work.

Many coworking spaces provide the advantages of working at home – coffee, beer, lounging areas, recreational activities – while retaining the energetic and dedicated atmosphere of like-minded individuals that professional environments offer.

As Chicago inches it’s way towards becoming the next tech hub, coworking spaces have provided a platform of opportunity for growth amongst startups and freelancers. Companies and niche audiences favor coworking spaces for the unique abundance of freedom and productivity amongst others seeking a similar environment. Coworking spaces throughout the Chicagoland area are acting like incubators for young companies and professionals, helping to mold a bright and innovative future for Chicago’s economy. The modern working ethics are changing, and coworking spaces are recognizing that. They provide an innovative solution for individuals seeking to further their business or careers, focusing more on their independence without isolating them.

The wave of coworking has targeted and warmly embraced Chicago through its unique culture of innovation and hardworking midwest demeanor. Coworking made it’s way to Chicago over the last decade and is taking the area by storm with over 130 Coworking locations stretching from downtown to the suburbs. As the rise of coworking seeps into the cracks of the surrounding area, the opportunities become endless for individuals seeking to expand their network and create new relationships with other driven individuals.

The modern workplace is no longer restricted by cubicles and awkward water fountain chats, or long and dreadful early morning commutes down I-90. Likewise, the self-employed, freelancers and young startups now have access to a work environment that reflects their work ethic. So where does this place Chicago amongst other industry-driven cities? In the express lane to the top.

Walking the Tech PR Walk

As a marketing and communications firm, we’ll be honest, we utilize most of our energy and creative focus on our clients across adtech, fintech, travel and emerging media. We don’t rest until the press, analysts, investors, partners, and entire industry believes in their product or service as much as we do. This means that we often do not get the time to focus on getting attention ourselves. BUT…we also believe you shouldn’t use a penniless financial planner nor a communications firm without a bit of acclaim.

In accordance with this view, we wanted to take a moment to show off some light work we’ve done to help educate the industry, bring new communications techniques to the forefront and present a bit of our own leadership.  Below, find our stats and a bit of our own acclaim.

Our stats:

-We’ve launched over 25 startups, eight of those we ran the course with and took through either 8 or 9 figure exits, many of the the rest are growing with us still.

-We’ve assisted over 16 fortune 500 brands.

-We’ve been featured in journalist driven press articles on 119 differing occasions.

-We’ve contributed over 175 bylines to industry and mass market publications.

-We can count eight differing award wins over  history across the company and team.

-14 Keynote speakerships delivered.

-23 Panel sessions participated in.

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