Do you even Blockchain bro?

This month the “Inside Edge” newsletter/blog is on hold due to our chief wordsmith being on leave for a quick few weeks. In lieu of your regularly scheduled “glimpse and delete” material, we decided to push research we know you want and insight we know you need. We’re more than PR.

Do you even Blockchain bro?

We’ve been helping to school marketers across fintech, video, ehealth and adtech better understand how to position novel blockchain endeavors. Check out our research on marketer sentiments and perceptions.

Blockchain and Marketer Perceptions  ExchangeWire

Initial Coin offer…me something of value.

Yes, the ICO space is hot. Yes the ICO space also has serious “sketch factor”. That said, we’ve been bringing value to the bubble. We’re also bringing some research on investor relations pros and ICOs soon. First, our CEO set to figure out who owns the ICO space.

The Great ICO Turf War  Agility PR

It’s the year of the Rooster, get cocky with China’s wealthy

China’s elite can be a tough crowd to roll with. Our day job is to reach them with your message, but in our spare time, we  provide insight as to what makes them tick across devices. Say Ni Hao to these insights..

The mobile habits of China’s wealthyJing Daily

Brand This:

It amazes us how often communicators rely on tired stories to try and hit the press when they have a stockpile of really amazing data. This data can provide the press with unlimited potential to share your news. We provided Tech.Co some basic reasons why.

Branded Data is the Key for Startup Marketing  Tech.co