Summer’s Sass: Facebook Is Nothing but a Must

Let’s be honest, everyone has heard of Facebook… Even my dog knows about Facebook! If you don’t, then you should know that my dog is cooler than you. Today Facebook is the biggest social network in the world and has been around since 2004. That’s a long stinking time! FB grows more each week and there is literally always something new being pushed out into this weird social sphere, and I know it is hard to keep up.

For personal use, it’s a great way to connect with new people, stay in touch with old friends, co-workers and family. But what I prefer to use it for is…BUSINESS. Surprise, Surprise. EVERY BUSINESS and or COMPANY SHOULD HAVE A FACEBOOK PAGE. For starters, it is free exposure for your company but you can also choose to pay to promote it within this giant platform. Potential clients/customers are able to like or rate your page in a way that somewhat resembles a Yelp profile.

It also gives you access to all your analytics so you track every click, like, and other activity on your FB page. Not only have I used FB for heavy-duty businesses but also for SMBs like local restaurants. It doesn’t matter how big or small the business is, if you keep up with the page and put actual effort into it then you will get your brand’s name out there. Nothing ticks me off more than people complaining that their posts or their page doesn’t have enough likes. Well, maybe it’s because you aren’t committed to the page. How can you expect a random person to like a page that has no effort put into it? BE SMART PEOPLE. This is why companies have social media moderators. They have one or two specific people whose job is to make the FB along with all other social pages absolutely amazing and cohesive to direct traffic to each page. You must utilize free social media and anyone who says they don’t have time is a freaking liar. With social media available right on your phone no one should be excused and it only take a few minutes a day.

Now go get your likes people!


Sincerely yours,



Summer’s Sass: LinkedIn – A Network with Endless Information and Opportunities

So let’s talk about LinkedIn.

In case you don’t have a LinkedIn account then you should probably slap yourself for not getting one sooner. LinkedIn is a site and social app where professionals can connect with other professionals around the world. By creating an account you can add connections, follow groups, share news, write posts, and one of the most important things you can do is display your professional profile for others to see!

This is where you get to brag. You can post your education, hobbies, show people how you spend your free time, show your portfolio, your recent work history, your past titles and your current position. Your connections can endorse your skills to make you look freaking awesome.

It all starts with a basic profile and then through the years you just keep building your connections and your profile. As a freshman in college I had to create a LinkedIn account. Despite the fact that I only had a few work-related occupations my professors told me “the earlier you start, the better”.

This is the most professional way you can contact someone. If you can get one thing out of this rant, goodness gracious create a LinkedIn and try to add people at least three to four times a week. It will pay off in the end, especially if you are networking for a new position or looking to hire someone. It is a network with endless information and opportunities.


Sincerely yours,





Summer’s Sass: Pinterest Is Not Only For Hobby Inspiration

For those of you that think Pinterest is only for pinning recipes, planning a wedding, or picking out an outfit, you surely are mistaken.

I mean yeah that stuff is enjoyable, even I do that (you should see my puppy board)! But Pinterest is actually a great business tool. Not only does it work extremely well for restaurants and retail stores that want to show off their product and recipes, but for other business endeavors as well. Pinterest is honestly one of my favorite social apps, I follow literally everyone I possibly can and love “exploring” specific things I am searching for. I am so addicted to being an avid “pinner” and I’m proud of it!

Pinterest has so much traffic hitting its servers each day. I know this because half of the people that sit around me on the Metra are surfing on Pinterest, each one searching different boards. It has become one of those apps that people check daily, like they do with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. So considering all this scale why would you not want to contribute to Pinterest?

Let’s be honest, it is really easy to use Pinterest. It’s pretty self-explanatory and you can access it from any smart device. You can measure your pinning success with analytics to see how well you are pinning or posting to boards.

It’s a great way for PR professionals to connect with journalists. If your goal is to build a relationship with them go see what they are pinning to their public boards and use it as it as a conversation starter. You can see what they think is funny, what kind of pets they like and what kinds of food they like. This is something that would come in handy if you were to meet up for lunch.

Sincerely yours,



Summer’s Sass: Show Off Your Instagramming Skills

Instagram is something I don’t take lightly. It is by far my favorite past time, favorite stress reliever, favorite way to see what my friends are up too and my favorite way to promote a company/brand!


Instagram is wonderful.


When I am scrolling through my timeline or through the search of “things I might like” I look for two things. I look for visually appealing “instas” and appalling but intriguing ones as well.

My favorite accounts are food accounts. All of the yummy cakes, BBQ’s, shakes, brownies and don’t even get me started on the cheese wheel they mix pasta on… Like holy cannoli are they trying to put me into a food coma?


But I am here to tell you why using Instagram daily is oh so beneficial to your brand. So they say that Instagram has over 400 million monthly active users… That is so many stinking people that you could be getting brand views from. Instagram has scale.

There are certain times of the day that you can post on Instagram to obtain more followers and or “likes”. Now I am only going to say this once… If you post something on Instagram any time before 6am and or after 1am nobody is going to like your stuff until they wake up from nite nite land. It is said that right before dinner time around 5pm is a prime time for Instagramming and midafternoon when everyone is at lunch – people are checking their social accounts.

It is important not to just spitfire nonsense into the Insta-sphere especially boring things…you have to keep it light, interesting and airy.

The best Instagrams are the ones that irk people, pull on their heartstrings, or make them laugh and smile. So make sure your post is doing one of those things and it will get some good share.



Sincerely Yours,





Summer’s Sass: Don’t Forget To Tweet!

You can’t even imagine how important Twitter is to a PR professional, journalists, business owners and their employees. Over the years this social app has swept not only the nation, but the world. Tweeting is a quick, easy and pleasant way to connect with people around the world.

As a PR professional Twitter is a necessity. Not a tool. A necessity!! Twitter allows a way for us to interact with journalists of all different publications. On many occasions this is how we start, build and maintain relationships, which is key to being successful. For example; if you don’t know who you’re trying to pitch, what they write about, or what they enjoy then it is very likely they will delete your pitch and move onto the next one. A relationship via Twitter can eliminate this from happening.

When I was younger Twitter was just a vehicle for me to tell my friends that I was eating pizza or watching a movie. Now it’s a vehicle I use to associate with people that I haven’t seen in years or strangers I’ve never met. Also, chances are that you’re probably already a proud owner of a Twitter account, which you are not utilizing correctly. But who am I to tell you how to live your life? Well, you should listen to me but if you don’t then that’s cool too……not… ANYWAYS, use twitter to market yourself. Like the things you like, re-tweet the posts that make you laugh, but just don’t forget that there will always be eyes constantly scanning your activity and your twitter page. You need to let your light shine through but still be smart about it.


Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, we post some awesome stuff  –  @EmergingInsider


 Sincerely Yours,




Summer’s Sass: Summer’s Social Sass

I am amazed that in 2016 some companies and agencies don’t implement social media into their daily lives. This isn’t anything new…it has been around for years and yet it is still ignored or pushed aside. It is so crucial to have social accounts both personal and corporate…so get with it! Social is a significant part of our lives. Why shouldn’t it be a significant part of a company’s life as well? Whether we jump on the wagon or not it’s only growing more each day.


I recently came across a Cision insight from 2014. It talks about the 6 ways social media has changed PR. You should probably read it. I still find it as relevant today as ever. The article speaks about this book, Groundswell: Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies.) I LOL’d because I’ve read this book recently and I freaking loved it. I know that by using Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Periscope, Facebook etc. can only help your business grow. How relatable do you want to be with your consumers?


Each week, I plan to go over the strengths, weaknesses, and controversy of brands while using social, and how press can be improved if used correctly. Oh and a little PSA, I have no problem speaking my mind. I have strong opinions because I’m passionate and have novel thoughts and ideas. I mean there clearly is a reason why this is called Summer’s Sass…




Sincerely yours,




How the Socialization of Video is Driving Massive Consumption

With the emergence of new tech, the entertainment industry experiences drastic shifts in consumer trends. Usually these changes in habits lead to a revolution in the way we consume and create content, completely altering and disrupting the space. Beth Principi, Staff Writer/Media Strategist at Emerging Insider Communications, delivers a compelling argument on how it won’t be long before traditional TV is replaced by OTT.



Point 1: Binge Watching is the New Norm


The ability to binge watch entire seasons of shows on-demand has dramatically changed viewer habits. With so much great television at your fingertips, it’s almost impossible to not veg out and blow through hours of content. Instead of waiting a week for the next episode of your favorite show, programs original to Netflix and Hulu release all episodes of their seasons at once so you can choose the pace at which you want to watch it.



Point 2: Changing the Video Landscape with Short-Form and Mobile


Short-form videos have become increasingly popular among Americans who are always on the go, or just have short attention spans. It is finding itself a comfortable home within the mobile landscape, mainly due to social apps like Vine, Instagram and Snapchat. It’s estimated that consumers spend around 33 minutes per day watching videos on mobile devices, most of which are short-form.



Point 3: Socialization of Content


Viewing has become more of a social experience and less of a spectator activity. With live-streaming broadcast networks like Huffington Post Live, any average Joe with a webcam can tell their story and work with the news outlet to create a real-time script based on the day’s top stories. Also, the simplicity of just sharing videos with social media followers and friends gives digital a huge advantage. Mobile video ads with social media share buttons drive 36 percent more engagement than videos with no options for interaction.


To read the article in its entirety,check it out at ReelSEO.