The Niche Advantage: A Call for PR Agencies to Specialize

Imagine you injure your arm in a nasty skiing accident. Naturally, you head over to your general practitioner to get it checked out. While the doctor is giving your arm the once over, he also mentions that he can provide you with some psychotherapy to treat any PTSD that may have been caused by the fall. On top of that, he can perform a mean root canal and give an exceptional sports massage.


Chances are you would run out of the office quicker than his nurse could mouth “quack.” Yet, this same behavior — deemed ridiculous in most professions — is considered the norm across countless public relations and communications agencies today.


This holds especially true for startups, and it is the main reason they are not seeing placements that drive results. To get the full scoop on why niche PR agencies are a must, and what three questions every company should ask before choosing a PR firm, read the entire story written by our CEO Zachary Weiner. You can find it in full on Agency Post.

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