Understanding the TV Habits of Millennials

The Millennials are changing the television industry as we know it. As the popularity of broadcast television dwindles, Millennials become prosumers in a dynamic market. In “Understanding the TV Habits of Millennials,” Beth Principi, Staff Writer at Emerging Insider Communications, predicts that the Millennials will be responsible for the future of television due to social, video and mobile developments.


Our society is completely interconnected through social technology, and so, television companies must find a channel through which existing platforms of TV viewing can be integrated in order to remain viable competitors in the industry. There has also been a massive shift towards streaming content, instead of watching broadcast television. In fact, according to a report by the New York Times, 34% of Millennials watch mostly online video/no broadcast TV, compared to just 20% of Generation X and 10% of Baby Boomers.


This gives companies two choices: either entice viewers back into broadcast television, or adjust to the changing television habits and platforms. Finally, with the increase in TV technology, Millennials are able to watch TV on the go. Multitasking is also another evolving facet that accompanies on-the-go TV viewing. It is important for television companies to realize that the Millennial generation embodies a clear shift in TV viewing that will continue to evolve with consecutive generations.


To read the full article by Beth Principi, visit http://www.appmarket.tv/opinion/2436-understanding-the-tv-habits-of-millennials.html

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