Who We Are: Meet Our Staff Writer, Beth Principi

The secret to great writing is great listening. And this has never held truer than in public relations. In order to convey a client’s product, solution or thought in the most compelling way possible, you must really listen and absorb what they are saying. At Emerging Insider, we believe delivering our client’s message is a key part to exposing their brand, which is why we have a media specialist/staff writer on our team specifically to help clients craft the most gripping content imaginable. Here, Beth Principi shares her thoughts on technology and emerging media PR from her view as a writer…

Tell us a bit about your day-to-day as a technology and emerging media writer?

Every day is different. One day I could be writing a press release or thought leadership piece for a client, and the next I am crafting internal tweets or content for the Emerging Insider blog. I think the best part about being a technology and emerging media writer is that there is never a dull moment. Our clients deliver cutting-edge technology and have partnerships with some of the biggest names in the media industry, so there is always something exciting to cover.

What separates writing business-focused articles from those that are consumer oriented?

Business-focused articles need to touch all the right points in all the right ways. Businesses are very specific about what they want to hear, just as our clients are very specific about what they want to convey. When you’re writing consumer-facing articles your audience is basically anyone and everyone. When you’re business-focused your audience is drastically reduced, making it essential that you know your client and their audience in an unprecedented way.

Where do you find the inspiration to tell diverse stories about diverse clientele?

It’s not difficult to get inspired when covering interesting, ground-breaking technology. Each of our clients are very different, which is refreshing when you’re constantly writing day after day. I’ve also always possessed this need for knowledge. I’m sure some of it stems for my journalism concentration in college, but a part of me has always had this passion to know everything about a particular topic. I’m driven by that feeling I get when something final “clicks” in my mind and a makes sense for the first time. It’s that “aha moment” that always seems to stand out, and when I can give that to my audience, that’s the ultimate accomplishment.

What makes today’s technology marketplace as exciting as it is?

Past technology was notoriously difficult for the everyday person to understand and use. I think there was a major shift—in large part thanks to Apple—toward a user-friendly experience in advanced technology. This shift has provided limitless possibilities to improve the slightest tasks in a person’s life. The ability for people to deposit a check by simply taking a photo with their smartphone is second nature now, but ten years ago it was unimaginable to the average person. Technology is changing people’s everyday life and doing so in a way that is both shockingly sudden, yet shockingly simple. You almost can’t imagine life without these advanced technological offerings, yet ten years ago you probably couldn’t imagine life with them. It’s interesting to try to foresee life ten years from now and what technology will seem so second-nature that hasn’t even been invented yet.

What are the unforeseen challenges in creating content for Public Relations?

There are always challenges in creating PR content, but in the technology and media realm I find I’m constantly focused on delivering our client’s story in a way that is as equally compelling as it is understandable. My approach as a writer is to break down the technology into terms I fully understand, before I build the content back up into a compelling story. The challenge with this process is to not “dumb down” the company’s brilliant technology. You want to make sure your audience understands how the advanced technology works without compromising your client’s hard work and genuine wisdom. Finding that balance can be challenging, but it is absolutely necessary.

Much of your work deals in the entertainment industry, do they as an audience have a higher standard for reading entertaining content

Oh, absolutely! The entertainment industry is the master of enthralling storytelling. The usual tricks and shortcuts don’t work on them, which is why everything has to not only make sense, but has to be able to obtain and maintain their attention. Basically, it can’t be boring and it has to be accurate. With B2B entertainment audiences, you can have the most compelling story in the world, but if your client’s product doesn’t live up to the hype nothing else matters. Accuracy and compelling storytelling reign supreme when dealing with the entertainment industry.

Do you have any tips for B2B organizations to create compelling and novel content?

Let your product’s success do the talking for you. I’m a firm believer that numbers and statistics can say more about a company’s solution than any fancy wording or anecdote. Case studies are a great way to showcase a company’s ability to flourish in the marketplace.

Also, being able to position your company and its executives as thought leaders in the space is hugely beneficial. Crafting thought leadership pieces helps demonstrate your knowledge in the industry, while also positioning you and your company as experts. Promoting yourself as leaders is just as important as promoting your product.

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