The Opportunity

With the world’s largest population, second largest GDP, a rapidly growing middle class and unparalled affluence, China offers unlimited growth opportunities for brands able to position themselves with cultural relevance, scale and creativity. By understanding the distinct needs of these consumers, your organization can optimize its communications to find the sweet spot in a region that has been developing faster than most brands can adapt.

In 2016, Chinese consumers spent $183 billion abroad, $116 billion of this went towards luxury goods and services.
–Fortune Character Research

In China, there are approximately 668 million active Internet users and 659 million active social media users, more than the USA and Europe combined.

By 2018, it is estimated that China’s online spending will exceed the rest of the world’s combined.

The Solution

Emerging Insider offers a full range of integrated methods to effectively reach the elusive Asian market with social, mobile and novel advertising technologies backed by exhaustive research and robust data. Our process may include simple services to help test the landscape or intensive campaigns designed to fully capitalize on every branding opportunity. We pride ourselves on leveraging our experienced culture agents to transform your messaging in ways that truly resonate with an intercontinental audience.

Our Services


Message Creation

Your message is at the heart of every campaign. From simple social media setups to international advertising efforts, all work needs a level of advisory interwoven across endeavors to solidify unique communications that connect with consumers abroad.


Design and Presence Development

Our range of in-market experts allows us to offer end-to-end solutions to any advertising challenges including a choice between bespoke creation or cultural and linguistic transformation. Whether you need to create a new landing page to attract Chinese clientele, or beautifully modify ad units with a uniquely Asian flair, we have expertise in crafting all types of marketing communications.


Social Media

We are experts in Chinese social marketing strategy with the ability to create and deliver meaningful branded content that will build your presence abroad without you ever having to learn Chinese. From account management to direct advertising and influencer marketing via networks like Weibo, WeChat and more, all our programs are reinforced with SEO and PPC capabilities via Baidu.



We’ll reach your Asian audience wherever they are with mobile campaigns designed to convey your messaging in unique and impactful ways to on-the-go consumers. We offer performance driven in-app campaigns, direct buys and programmatic ads at impressive scale.


Native Advertising

We offer ad creation and distribution combined as our content team can build campaigns that flow easily into Asian media. By understanding their unique formats, editorial trends and pull-based marketing we seamlessly blend advertising with editorial and distribute across platforms, direct sites and even glossies.

We are always on the lookout for innovative and motivated people.

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PR & Communications

We look at every angle of your business, industry, market and goals. Our researchers and media strategists strive to gain a complete understanding of exactly what drives your target audience. From there, we craft comprehensive campaigns that incorporate every angle of the media, from the most novel digital formats to traditional broadcast, print and experiential and analyst relations.


Marketing Strategy

You have a great product or service. We have a team of strategists, researchers, designers and developers to position it in the marketplace. We create brand collateral, nurture partner development, plan campaigns, manage social media, orchestrate events and conduct high-level research initiatives.


Content Creation and Development

It’s not enough to create written, graphical and video material. Content has to be developed strategically to leverage the strength of the brand and be made so compelling that it cuts through the clutter of every other business, entertainment and media source. Our team has the capability to drive video excellence, capture audiences via stories in blogs, advertorials, native placements and long form, as well as visually captivate via all manner of graphics and artistry.


Content Distribution

Emerging Insider has spent years developing, exploring and integrating a set of specialized platforms to help distribute branded content at scale, from single content partnerships to global native advertising opportunities. Our strategists combine their expertise and know-how with forward-thinking technologies to reach guaranteed audiences. Our advanced knowledge of earned and paid media translates into the ability to leverage ad opportunities in never-before-seen manners.


Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence unit is comprised of top industry scholars. Staying informed and up to date is top priority in order to always stay one step ahead of the pack. Our constant curiosity, savvy and willingness to learn allow us to access and gather heavy intel that paves the way for exceptional industry leadership.


Crisis Communications

We believe in expecting the unexpected, and when the unexpected happens, Emerging Insider is able to utilize our deep experience in communications firefighting to transcend any crisis situation and transform them into brand-building experiences.

Case Studies

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