Your Inner Circle Of Storytellers, Technologists And Creative Instigators- Dedicated To Emerging Media And Technologies. Emerging Insider is a boutique content relations firm.

Who We Are.

We’re a group of passionate industry insiders who love to march to the beat of the newest innovations in media and technology. Established in 2013, we seek to provide our clients with communications excellence, marketing know-how and the drive to bring your brand a lasting reputation in the marketplace. Based in Chicago, our team maintains a presence in New York, London and Hong Kong.

Our passion?

Innovation. Disruption. Enhancement. Making a splash. We began as instigators in the emerging television industries and love to explore where digital worlds combine and intersect with novel and traditional forms of media. From video innovations to the newest Advertising Technologies, our range of expertise continues to evolve at the speed of the market.  

PR and Marketing Expertise.

Emerging TV Practice: Social TV, Connected TV, Multiscreen Providers. Emerging Ad practice: Platforms, Technology and Service Providers. Emerging Mobile Practice: Augmented Reality, Mobile Innovations, 2nd Screen Apps. Additional Areas: Neuromarketing, Digital Out Of Home, Analytics Innovations  
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