Vulnerability Disclosure Marketing

Vulnerability Disclosure PR and Marketing: Our most proud moments

Over the years, our team has been behind the scenes of some of the most well-known and often discussed vulnerability disclosures that have helped to inform and protect organizations across industries and regions.  

Our work has earned a reputation for helping the largest cybersecurity brands, but also small startups (like Cynerio’s find of JekyllBot:5  ) handle the end-to-end disclosure process.

From creating disclosure reports, crafting marketing assets, and aligning with external government, academic and corporate partners, to informing the global media, we know the ins and outs of the process and how to make sure it is seamless and efficacious. 

We have always taken incredible pride, however, with the disclosure we conducted for JSOF and their finding of the Ripple20 vulnerability. It has always stood out for us due to the massive global scale of the threat, found by an incredibly small yet amazing team of researchers.  Check out the below case study where we initiated coverage in over 200 worldwide publications ranging from Wired to Forbes. Let us know if we can provide advice, insight, or a hand in handling your next major threat discovery. 

Ripple20 Case Study