Branding Your Data for Captivating PR and Media Relations

Given the competitive nature of the technology startup landscape, the creation of noteworthy marketing may seem an insurmountable task. It’s not enough to have good content, because your rivals do too. Virtually everyone has built a social media presence touting their products. And it isn’t about using simple search engine optimization tools to boost your online efforts, as these can be accessed by anyone with a beginner’s guide to SEO.

The proliferation of advertising platforms means more methods to promote your organization but also more clutter to break through. That makes it necessary to find unique ways to distinguish yourself from the pack. Herein lies the beauty of branded data. It can be used to tell a story about your startup and its capabilities in a credible way that not only makes it shareable but also indefinitely usable.

If your brand isn’t leveraging its own data as a means of self-promotion, here are three reasons it should be:

Elevates Your Communications

If you struggle with finding reasons to talk about your startup that will matter to the public, then branded data is your solution. It allows anyone from tech producers to cloud innovators to create media-worthy stories that tap into human interest. Securing such coverage is just a matter of determining what data you have available and then utilizing it to create insightful narratives about consumer and business trends.

In its Big Data Executive Survey, NewVantage Partners found that 95 percent of respondents had taken on a collection and analysis program over the last five years. This means that nearly every organization is currently capable of amassing facts and figures that allow for limitless opportunities to garner press. While most tech companies will stick to releases about their latest product update or executive hire, branded data is far more newsworthy material that journalists will actually care to write about.

Gives Your Message Weight

We now live in a world where unsubstantiated stories routinely spread like wildfire, leading University of Colorado researchers to find that fake news outlets have twice as much influence on the media as fact-checking websites do. This has created a vacuum for accuracy and even common sense, making data the last bastion of truth.

While your competitors get caught up in the cycle of frequently making and promoting claims, your startup can use cold, hard numbers to back up its statements in a highly credible way. That’s because branded data speaks for itself. It represents veracity based on quantifiable figures that can easily separate hype from substance, allowing a startup to standout against a growing backdrop of less trustworthy news sources.

Makes Your Voice Valuable

There are millions of thought leaders out there willing and able to offer their opinions, conjecture or speculation on a variety of topics. But the ones who are likely to get invited to speak or participate on industry-changing panels must bring more than just viewpoints to the table. Gathering and refining branded data allows you to position your startup’s expertise within the tech field, which can lead to even more opportunities for its promotion.

Furthermore, data has staying power. If presented in a thoughtful way, the information can have incredible scale as it may go on to be referenced by a variety of sources for years to come. Quotes can be easily forgotten and opinions rendered unmemorable, but branded facts and figures can go on to represent your startup for the foreseeable future.